Mike Schleyer


Michael Schleyer

I have been studying coral reefs in the western Indian Ocean and in the Red Sea for just on three decades.  This has entailed working and living on boats as varied as small fishing craft in Mozambique, Eritrea and Madagascar, to large supply ships and research vessels.  Amongst these, I have had the pleasure of undertaking soft coral surveys during five expeditions to the French Scattered Islands on the Antsiva.  Nothing has matched the Antsiva for comfort, efficiency and safety.  The craft is beautifully designed and appointed as a research yacht and is fully equipped with all the requisites for SCUBA diving on shallow coral reefs: a raisable keel, more than enough SCUBA cylinders, two compressors and the small boats needed to access the reefs.  Furthermore, Nico and Ann Tisné run an excellent operation with their crew.  The cuisine is excellent, the cabins are comfortable and one is secure at all times.  The atmosphere is so convivial that we have become enduring friends.  This is a safe platform which I can highly recommend for reef research.

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