Sonia Ribes

Sonia Ribes

Position: Doctor in biological oceanography

Chief Curator of the Museum of Natural History of Reunion, she has done many exhibitions on the richness of the marine world. President of the Scientific Council of the Marine Nature Reserve, she is involved in safeguarding the coral reefs of Reunion

The day has risen! on immensity ....
Cape on the islands Radama and Juan de Nova. Rare moments when science is built on a story of friendship. Meetings with the fishermen of the Malagasy Islands, who under precarious conditions try to survive ... until when? Sharks then sea cucumbers, marine resources are running out. It is urgent to make an inventory of this very expensive biodiversity. Ultimate goal of our journey to Juan de Nova, first discovered 4 years ago, but too quickly. 5 days will allow us to travel around the island, to explore the interesting areas ... or at least what remains of it so much the environments were modified by the man. Human presence that we feel so strongly at every detour path. Dramatic story ... we almost expect to see the white lady wandering at night, from the Residence Patureau. A day to be carried by the history of the island with Franck and Thierry on camera and Guy strafing with his camera. Meeting with turtles-men crisscrossing the lagoon. Wonderful moments of a dive late afternoon on a wreck. Exceptional moments of exchange around a Kaïpirina aboard the Antsiva, on a background of sublime sunset ... Mission successful on all levels. Thanks to Jerome for organizing it. Thanks to Henri, Dominique, Stéphane and Hendrik for their constant good mood. Thanks to Thierry, Franck and Guy for immortalizing these moments. Thank you to my partner Patrick who has managed to pass fish to butterflies. Thanks to Anne who reconciled me with the cakes. Thanks to Nicolas who managed (almost) to make me believe that I was a navigator. Thanks to Toumbo who, casually, has complied with the jokes of friends. And thanks to the Antsiva who is a great sailboat!

Mission lived with Antsiva

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