Reef Monitoring - REEF CHECK

Missions reef check Misto

Location: Mitsio

Conducted in 2011

Mission: REEF CHECK Mitsio

Expedition Leader : Jean-Pascal QUOD - ARVAM

From the 12th to the 19th, this week is reserved for Jean-Pascal ...
A month to the day and Jean-Pascal is back with this time, once is not custom, a predominantly female team. It's nice to have girls on board, especially like those there ... nice, punchy and good live.

September 12

At 16h, everyone embarks and we go directly to Nosy Komba. On arrival at the anchorage, we witness a beautiful sunset on the reef.
After a game of "Times up" largely won by the women's team, everyone goes to bed. Tomorrow, get up at dawn ...

September 13

5 o'clock in the morning, Antsiva wakes up. Except the irreducible ones in the front cabin who cling surprisingly to sleep, despite the thundering sounds of the anchor and the hydraulic pump. Tsarabajina direction.
5:30: Jean-Christophe sins us a first tazard, in the moonlight. Magical !
7:30 am: the sun is already high, the fox cut in nets in the fridge and the girls emerge, just in time to see the dolphins jump around the boat.
The wind is rising and we are setting sail. We arrive at 10 o'clock on the site.
Jean-Pascal immediately goes to meet Jean Michel, the hotel manager, who will show him the best sites to install the Reef Check stations.
In the wake, the team made a first scouting dive and discovered a beautiful coral potato at the tip of the rocks.
We weigh anchor after lunch to enjoy the afternoon wind. Jean-Christophe also took the opportunity to fish his second tazard of the day, thus disturbing the sleepy siestors.
In front of the basaltic organs, we are greeted by a whale and its calf who pass quietly right next to the boat.
For the evening, Lola is organizing a new game where we are talking about spy and counter-spy.
The night is very windy and cabins particularly well ventilated.

September 14

Wake up at dawn. The wind is strong and we decide to go to Ankaréa.
7 am, the wind has strengthened. We make a first attempt but we have to turn around. Impossible to wet and dive in these conditions on the chosen site.
We return to the anchorage of Grande Mitsio hoping that the wind weakens.
The time for the team to go on a small exploration on land.
At 10 am, the situation improved, the wind remains strong but manageable.
Hardly anchored anchor before the island of Ankaréa, divers are in the water. They return two hours later after a rich, intense dive and a first Reef Check station.
After lunch followed by a nap, the team leaves for a second dive. This is also the opportunity for Jean-Christophe to make his baptism of diving under the supervision of Stephanie.
17h, return to the anchorage of Marimbe. The wind is still blowing as much. The day was intense and the winnowing team goes to bed with the chickens. Need a good night's sleep!

September 15th

This morning, the wind has calmed down a bit and we are trying to leave for Tsarabajina.
This time, it is Mathieu who brings us the tazard of the day!
The arrival on the island is immediately followed by the installation of a Reef Check station.
Jean-Pascal Héléna form, young Italian woman who resides 7 months out of 12 in the hotel and who will be charged later to follow the station.
After lunch, some decide to climb up the mast, just to see if the sea is bluer from above ...
Despite a very strong current that does not facilitate the work, a second station Reef Check is installed in the afternoon.
At 16h, the varatra begins to rise. The team is invited ashore for a tour of the island and the hotel.
After dinner, the wind blows stronger and stronger with a sea formed. At 21h, we begin to skid to the reef. Impossible to stay there. We weigh anchor and take the direction of Nosy Be. At 4 o'clock in the morning, we arrive at the anchorage of Sakatia. Dodo!

September 16th

Jean-Pascal decides to move forward one day the work on Tany Kely and we sail in the morning to join the marine park.
After a first contact with the ecoguards, the whole team goes in annex to make the first exploration dives all around the small island. Divers return delighted by the richness and diversity of the funds.
After lunch, a second dive is scheduled, but as usual, it will be a little more hectic because of the wind that has risen.
In the afternoon, we return under sail at anchor crater.
Tonight, the lemon punch of Nicolas will quickly requinquer the most tired ... and finally, a team of girls, it holds very well the distance !!!

September 17th

At 8 o'clock, we have an appointment with the team of the marine park Tany Kely.
While Lola, Mathieu and Stéphanie leave for their coral work, JP, Caroline and Gaëlle train the eco-guards of the park and install a Reef Check snorkeling station in front of the beach. Then, they follow the installation of a second Reef Check station, in scuba diving and in the company of Gisèle, the CNRO divers of Nosy Be.
The morning was fruitful and intense. So, as soon as the wind gets up, we sail towards Nosy Mamoko. Small quiet sailing trip. JC is disappointed because the tazard of the afternoon is unfortunately not at the rendezvous!
On arrival, Stephanie and Tombo go in annex to retrieve an isolated fisherman on an islet that makes us big signs. And yes, his canoe had been the trunk !!! He escapes a night on a pebble with his child.
Antsiva at anchor, we leave for a snorkeling on the north reef of the island. The gray sky and the many particles in the water contribute to give a particular atmosphere to this small exploration.
At dusk, visit the village, its turtles, maki ...

September 18

Departure at 6 am for Tany Kely where we have to meet the Marine Park team again.
A third Reef Check station is installed with Gisèle. Then, the team leaves for a photo shoot on the beach followed by a small exploration in PMT.
We are back to the crater around 16h and we finish the day with a walk on the beach of Mandirokely. It's Sunday, the atmosphere is at the party and the beach is crowded.
For the last evening, a violent storm breaks out and this providential rain rinses the deck and all the diving equipment.

September 19th

And yes, already on the 19th! It's time for this team of shock to leave the edge ... And keenly the next 12 to 19!